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The Vampire Lovers (1970) de Roy Ward Baker - front cover

The Vampire Lovers

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The Vampire Lovers (1970)
de Roy Ward Baker

Shout Factory - 20 décembre 2021

Titre Original
Sous-titres : English SDH
Pays : Import US
Durée : 91 min (1h31)
Format : Blu Ray / import US / Collector
Genre : Horreur

Marcilla Karnstein from time to time comes back from her death sleep, and under a different name, such as Carmilla or, now, Mircalla, spreads terror in a village with her vampire powers. General Von Spielsdorf loses his nubile daughter to Mircalla, and swears revenge, with the help of expert vampire-killer Baron Hartog and their Doctor. Eventually, they will kill the female vampire, but not before she traps a number of female lovers/victims.

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