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The Secret of the Blue Room (1933) de Kurt Neumann - front cover

The Secret of the Blue Room

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The Secret of the Blue Room (1933)
de Kurt Neumann

Kino Lorber - 2 novembre 2021

Titre Original :
Sous-titres : English
Durée : 66 min (1h06)
Format : Blu-ray Import US
Zone : A
Genre : Horreur

A deadly secret from the past returns to haunt a young woman and her loved ones in SECRET OF THE BLUE ROOM. Irene von Helldorf's 21st birthday celebration is eclipsed when her father shares the dark details of his estate's guest room: 20 years earlier, three people were killed there and their murders remain unsolved. Hoping to prove their own bravery and win Irene's love, each of her three suitors agrees to spend a night in the room...and a new string of deadly mysteries is set into motion.

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