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The Amazing Mr. X (1948) de Bernard Vorhaus - front cover

The Amazing Mr. X

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The Amazing Mr. X (1948)
de Bernard Vorhaus

The Film Detective - 27 octobre 2021

Titre Original : The Spiritualist
: English
Durée : 78 min (1h18)
Format : Blu-ray Import US
Zone : Toutes zones
Genre : Film Noir, Thriller

Turhan Bey (THE MUMMY'S TOMB) plays the mysterious spiritualist who convinces a beautiful widow (Lynn Bari, ORCHESTRA WIVES) and her young sister (Cathy O'Donnell, THEY LIVE BY NIGHT), that her dead husband is trying to contact her from beyond the grave. Richly photographed by famed cinematographer John Alton (BORDER INCIDENT, THE BIG COMBO), the dark, smoky interiors and fog-swept beaches give this a gothic feel that elevates this B-picture to a favorite of noir fans. Co-starring Richard Carlson, Donald Curtis and Virginia Gregg, with stylish direction by Bernard Vorhaus (BURY ME DEAD); sadly, this was one of his last films in the U.S. before being blacklisted. Also known as THE AMAZING MR. X, the film is mastered from original 35mm elements.

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