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The Alaskans: The Complete Series - front cover

The Alaskans: The Complete Series (repoussé au 27 aout)

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The Alaskans: The Complete Series (1959-1960)
de Don Towsley

Warner Bros (Warner Archive) - 17 juillet 2024 (repoussé au 27 aout)

Titre Original
: English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono (48kHz, 24-bit)
Sous-titres : English SDH
Durée : 32h24
Format : Blu-ray season 1 / import US
Zone : Toutes zones
Genre : Western, Aventure

When gold was discovered in the Yukon in the 1890's, thousands of hopeful prospectors headed north for a chance at becoming rich. The easiest passage to the Yukon was through the small Alaskan port town of Skagway, which quickly exploded into a sprawling boom town, offering almost everything a miner could want, for a price. Adventurers Silky Harris and Reno McKee have arrived in this town looking to make their fortunes. Not mining for gold, but by catering to and fleecing the hardy, hard-living miners who pass through town.

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