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Shaw Brothers Classics: Volume Four (1980-1984) - front cover

Shaw Brothers Classics: Volume Four (12 films)

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Shaw Brothers Classics: Volume Four (1980-1984)
de Cheh Chang, Tang Chia, Ling Yun, Yuen Chor, Chun-Ku Lu

Shout Factory - 19 décembre 2023

Titre Original
: Mandarin: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono
English: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono
Sous-titres : English
Durée : 19h48
Format : Blu-ray / import US / 12 films 
Zone : A
Genre : Action, Arts Martiaux, Comédie, Aventure, Historique

The Rebel Intruders / Two Champions of Shaolin / Legend of the Fox / Black Lizard / House of Traps / Masked Avengers / The Sword Stained with Royal Blood / Five Element Ninjas / Shaolin Prince / Shaolin Intruders / Holy Flame of the Martial World / Opium and the Kung-Fu Master

Another 12 classic martial arts films highlight this explosive box set comprised from the famous Shaw Brothers' library and featuring some of their greatest stars including The Five Deadly Venom’s stars Phillip Kwok, Sun Chien, Lu Feng, Chiang Sheng, and Lo Meng and A Better Tomorrow's Derek Yee and Ti Lung. Many of these visually spectacular films are debuting for the first time on Blu-ray. Heroes meet villains in edge-of-your-seat duels in this exciting array of some of Shaw Brothers' best!

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