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Quella Carogna Dell Ispetorre Serling (Frame Up) (1968) de Emilio Miraglia - front cover

Quella Carogna Dell Ispetorre Serling (Frame Up)

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Quella Carogna Dell Ispetorre Serling (Frame Up) (1968)
de Emilio Miraglia

Cineploit Records - 28 novembre 2022

Titre Original
: DTS-HD 2.0 :Italian, English
Sous-titresGerman, English
Durée : 99'
Format : Blu-ray Import Allemagne / Digibook / Cover A 
Zone : B
Genre : Crime, Drame

Ex-Inspector Sterling (Henry Silva) is looking for the killers who killed his son and an informant in his hometown San Francisco. The informant was shot in front of him with his own weapon. Sterling was not charged for this, but he had to resign from the police force. He knows the two perpetrators, but the true identity of the mastermind in the background, whom he knows only by the nickname Charlie, is still in the dark.

Contenu et Bonus

* Worldwide 2K Blu-Ray Premiere!
* Interview Henry Silva - European Adventures - 25 min.
* Internationale Picture Gallery 
* alternative international Titelsequence
* Separately playable Score 
* Hardcover Mediabook with partial UV Spot
* 28 pages Booklet with an Essay by Udo Rotenburg in German and english filled with international promo material and fotos.
* Double-sided Poster with 2 Italian motifs