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Legacy of Rage - front cover

Legacy of Rage

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Legacy of Rage (1986)
de Ronny Yu

88 Films - 12 août 2024

Titre Original
: Cantonese, English
Sous-titres : English
Durée : 1h28
FormatBlu-ray / Import UK
Zone : B
Genre : Action

Bruce Lee's only son, Brandon Lee (The Crow, Rapid Fire), proves he is every bit his father's son in his only Hong Kong movie, a violent tale of friendship, betrayal, and revenge.

Lee plays Brandon Ma, a regular guy working in Hong Kong, who is set up by his drug-dealing best friend Michael (Michael Wong, Firestorm, Cold War, Transformers: Age of Extinction), to take the rap for the murder of an undercover cop. Michael also has eyes for Brandon's girl, May (Regina Kent). While Brandon languishes in jail, May gives birth to their child and flees to Brazil to avoid the lurid clutches of Michael, who has become a big crime boss. Brandon gets out of prison after eight years, learns the truth, and goes after Michael for revenge.

Brandon Lee's riveting presence and raw intensity make this film a rare treat. The action is explosive, akin to John Woo's Hollywood action epics. This singular film, which is definitely a must-see for Brandon Lee fans, was directed by Ronny Yu (The Bride With White Hair, Jet Li’s Fearless, Freddy Vs. Jason and Bride Of Chucky).

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