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Invaders of the Lost Gold (1982) - front cover

Invaders of the Lost Gold

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Invaders of the Lost Gold (1982)

Severin Films - 22 juin 2021

Titre Original : Trappola diabolica
: English
Sous-titres : English
Pays : USA
Année : 1982
Durée : 90' (1h30)
Format : Blu-ray Import US
Zone : Toutes zones
Genre : Action, Guerre, Aventure, Horreur

In the last days of WWII, a Japanese platoon is attacked by headhunters while attempting to hide millions in gold. 36 years later, a grizzled guide (onetime Academy Award® nominee Stuart Whitman) is hired to lead an expedition - including Woody Strode (SPARTACUS), Harold 'Oddjob' Sakata and Laura 'Emanuelle' Gemser - into a jungle inferno of greed, violence, nudity and murder. Edmund Purdom (ABSURD) and Glynis Barber (DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE) co-star in this delicious piece of atrocity cake (Funxton) directed by Alan Birkenshaw (KILLER'S MOON) - also known as HORROR SAFARI - now scanned in 2K for the first time ever.

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