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Convoy Busters (1978) de Stelvio Massi - front cover

Convoy Busters (sans fourreau)

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Convoy Busters (1978)
de Stelvio Massi

Cauldron Films - 16 mai 2023

Titre Original
: Italien, English
Durée : 1h41
Format : Blu-ray / import US sans fourreau
Zone : A
Genre : Crime, Action

In Rome, a vagrant finds the body of a teen girl, her throat professional slashed. Police inspector Olmi uses his brutal and violent methods to follow a trail that leads him toward high government officials. When his methods leave an innocent bystander dead, the corrupt officials have an excuse to get Olmi transferred to a coastal town where the pace is slow and he has time for a romantic dalliance. Soon, Olmi discovers that fishing isn't the only local occupation, and out comes his gun and his ruthless tactics of investigation.

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