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Chopped Meat – British Horror Of The 1970s - front cover

Chopped Meat – British Horror Of The 1970s (Anglais)

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Chopped Meat – British Horror Of The 1970s

Date de sortie
Éditeur : auto-production 
Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : pages (version souple)

The latest book from the We Belong Dead team is something very special – a film-by-film, year-by-year guide to British horror movies of the sensational seventies! Chronicling the peak era of the popular Amicus anthologies, and Hammer’s potent mixing of period Gothic and emerging screen violence, alongside important individual one-offs (The Wicker ManDon’t Look Now), cult favourites (The Medusa TouchThe Shout), and many fallen-between-the-cracks obscurities (What Became of Jack and Jill?The Night Digger, and others yet to make it to Blu-ray release), Chopped Meat tells the full story of UK fright cinema during the decade of the three-day week, power cuts, T Rex, and hot pants! Pete Walker, Norman J Warren, José Larraz, David McGillivray, Stephen Weeks, and even Andy Milligan and Jesús Franco, made major contributions to the British horror scene of the 1970s, and our team has reviewed more than 180 tantalising terror titles from Assault to Alien, from Blind Terror to Terror, from Fright to Frightmare.