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Blood, Guts and Sunshine (2022) de Sean Donohue - front cover

Blood, Guts and Sunshine

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Blood, Guts and Sunshine (2022)
de Sean Donohue

Vinegar Syndrome - 30 septembre 2022
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Titre Original
: English DTS-HD MA 2.0
Sous-titres : English SDH
Durée : 2h07
FormatBlu-ray Vinegar Syndrome Exclusive / import US
Zone : A
Genre : Documentaire

When his partner is killed by the Yakuza, Tokyo detective Thomas Hoshino (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) travels to Los Angeles to pursue the men responsible. After confronting one of the Yakuza leaders in an LAPD elevator, Hoshino witnesses the gangster die in a mysterious fashion. Skeptical of Hoshino, Police Captain Meisler (Michael Ironside) assigns Det. Karen Ryder (Terry Farrell) to watch over Hoshino and make sure he doesn't interfere with the case. Putting aside their cultural differences, the two detectives begin working together and soon uncover evidence of an international gun smuggling ring involving the Yakuza, crooked cops, and local gang members. All the while, a mysterious assassin with the ability to kill with a single touch is after Hoshino and his new partner.

Contenu et Bonus
  • Region A Blu-ray
  • Satan's Children Panel
  • Grindhouse Video Tour
  • Scott Tepperman's Home Video Store
  • Horror Movie Trailers made in Florida
  • English SDH subtitles