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Audrey Rose (1977) de Robert Wise - front cover

Audrey Rose

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Audrey Rose (1977)
de Robert Wise

Arrow - 11 novembre 2022

Titre Original 
Sous-Titres : English SDH
Durée : 1h53
Format : Blu-ray / import UK
Zone : B
Genre : Horreur, Thriller, Teen

Janice and Bill Templeton, a happily married couple, the parents of well-adjusted preteen Ivy. Their family security is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger, Elliot Hoover. At first mistaken for a potential child molester, Hoover explains that his obsessive interest in young Ivy is actually paternal. It is Hoover's contention that their daughter is the reincarnation of his own child, who died in a horrible accident. This information is dismissed out of hand-and then strange things begin happening. 

Reversible cover