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Ants (1977) de Robert Scheerer - front cover


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Ants (1977)
de Robert Scheerer

Kino Lorber - 4 juillet 2022

Titre Original
: English
Sous-titres : English SDH
Durée : 1h35
Format : Blu-ray / Import US 
Zone : A
Genre : Horreur

A lakeside resort comes under attack by an infinite hoard of flesh-eating ants in this eco-horror classic! Lakeside Manor is not yet open to the public, but the resort's owner, Ethel Adams (Myrna Loy), has invited a select group of elite guests to the opening of her new venture, including a disreputable businessman (Gerald Gordon) and his luscious partner Gloria Henderson (Suzanne Somers). But everyone's expectations of a peaceful and luxury-filled visit are smashed when the nearby construction site unleashes millions of deadly ants on the hotel. Infected by pesticides and highly aggressive, these ants provide a grisly end to anyone who crosses their path. The guests are scrambling to get out of the hotel but an unlucky group end up trapped inside, moving up higher and higher in an attempt to escape the ants, but the ants are moving up, too!

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