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A Fugitive From the Past (1965) de Tomu Uchida - front cover

A Fugitive From the Past

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A Fugitive From the Past (1965)
de Tomu Uchida

Arrow - 20 juillet 2022

Titre Original 
Sous-Titres : English
Durée : 3h03
Format : Blu-ray / import UK
Zone : B
Genre : Drame, Crime

Shortly after the war, a moneylender from Iwanai is assassinated along with his entire family. The same day, a terrible shipwreck takes place off Hakodate, the port that criminals use to cross the strait. Only one survives the crossing, he then meets Yae, a prostitute who covers his escape. This is discovered by chance ten years later but in the meantime the man, who has become respected in his industry, is embarrassed by the reappearance of Yae, the last trace of his past.

- - -