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House of Terrors (1965) de Hajime Satô - front cover

House of Terrors

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House of Terrors (1965)
de Hajime Satô

Mondo Macabro - 11 janvier 2023

Titre Original : Ghost of the Hunchback | Kaidan semushi otoko
 : English
Sous-titres : English 
Durée : 1h40
Format : Blu-ray / import US
Zone : A
Genre : Horreur

A man, Chonin Mitake, dies crazy after long agony, and his dead body is cremated. His widow Yoshi, investigating on the past of her husband, goes to the mansion where he had lived, a building Leftly nicknamed "Satan's Pit" (a suggestive statue of Satan is situated in the atrium of the mansion) managed by a hunchbacked caretaker. Soon some visitors reach the house. the hunchbacked keeper warns.

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