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Zu Warriors - front cover

Zu Warriors

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Zu Warriors (2001)
de Tsui Hark

Imprint - 26 juin 2024

Titre Original
: Mandarin: LPCM 2.0
Sous-titres : English
Durée : 1h44
Format : Blu ray 2K / Import AUS 
Zone : B
Genre : Action, Fantasy

Between the heaven and the Earth exist the Zu's mountain range, where live the immortals of Omei, the highest mountain of Zu, but the kingdom is in danger by Amnesia, a renegade immortal what want to rule Zu and all the world. White Eyebrows, Zu's leader, call to his most experts fighters for to defeat Amnesia until destroy It, but Amnesia hides in the legendary and almost myth Blood Cavern in order to make stronger his powers. While Red, Eyebrows' servant, watches the enter of Blood Cavern, King Sky and the others warriors will try to find a way of exterminate Amnesia with an ancient and powerful mystical swords, hoping to be free of the Amnesia's threat.

Contenu et Bonus

Zu Warriors

Zu Warriors (2001) – Imprint Asia #6

From the iconic filmmaker behind cult classics Double Team and Knock Off, Tsui Hark, comes the action-fantasy hit Zu Warriors (also known as The Legend Of Zu). 

A remake of the 1983 film Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (widely considered to be the inspiration behind John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China), and based on the Chinese fantasy novel Legend of the Swordsmen of the Mountains of Shu by Huanzhulouzhu.

High in the clouds of China lies the Zu Mountain range, home to the immortal martial arts clans. But these mountains also attract a powerful fearsome demon whose plan for total domination includes the annihilation of the clans. Now the seemingly unstoppable demon is targeting the Omei clan, which must join forces with other Zu Warriors in the ultimate battle to save the world.

Nominated for six awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards, this action-packed journey stars Ekin Cheng, Cecilia Cheung, Louis Koo, Patrick Tam, Kelly Lin, Wu Jing, Sammo Hung and Zhang Ziyi.

1500 copies only.

Special Features & Technical Specs:

  • 1080p High-definition presentation on Blu-ray 
  • NEW Audio Commentary by Martial Arts Film Expert Frank Djeng
  • “The Making of Zu Warriors” – featurette
  • US Version of the Film in Standard Definition
  • Audio Mandarin LPCM 2.0 Stereo
  • Optional English Subtitles
  • Original Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
  • Limited edition slipcase with unique artwork