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The Fall of Ako Castle (1978) - front cover

The Fall of Ako Castle

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The Fall of Ako Castle (1978)
de Kinji Fukasaku

Eureka Entertainment - 6 décembre 2023

Titre Original
: Japonais, English
Sous-titres : English
Durée : 2h39
Format : Blu ray 2K / Import UK 
Zone : B
Genre : Action

Director Kinji Fukusaku (Battle Royale, The Yakuza Papers) teams up with Sonny Chiba to present a daring and violent version of Japan’s most epic myth, The 47 Loyal Retainers. When Asano, the young master of Ako Castle, draws his sword on his elder, Lord Kira, he is ordered to dissolve his clan and commit hari-kiri. With the help of the now masterless Ako warriors, Asano’s devoted chamberlain Oishi begins to plot an elaborate revenge, two years in the making. As the line of loyalty and betrayal are drawn, the stage is set for an explosive battle.

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