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Mexican Horror Classics: Double Feature (1957-1968) de Fernando Méndez, Servando González - front cover

Mexican Horror Classics: Double Feature

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Mexican Horror Classics: Double Feature (1957-1968)
de Fernando Méndez, Servando González

VCI - 21 mars 2022

Titre Original : El Escapulario / Ladrón de Cadáveres
: English
Sous-Titres : English
Durée : 1h25
Format : Coffret Blu Ray / import US / 2 films
Zone : Toutes zones
Genre : Horreur, Thriller, SF, Crime

The story takes place during the Mexican Revolution. A dying woman sends to call the priest of the town to confess that she has a scapular with the power to protect the life of whoever owns it, leaving him impressed, while she on her deathbed begins to tell him some of the stories where the scapular has been present. This scapular saved the lives of his children.

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