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Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Cracking Collection (1989-2008) - front cover

Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Cracking Collection

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Private Parts (1972)
by Paul Bartel

Shout Factory – June 7 , 2023

Original Title :
: Français
Subtitles : English SDH
Duration : 1h27
Format : Blu-ray / US import
Area : A
Genre : Horror, Comedy

Cheryl fled an unhappy home in Ohio for the sunny skies of California with her best friend in town; however, after they have a falling out, Cheryl is left with no place to stay. Remembering that her Aunt Martha runs a hotel, Cheryl arrives at the King Edward, a decaying residential inn located in one of LA's less desirable neighborhoods, and persuades Martha to give her a room for a few days. Cheryl soon discovers the King Edward is home to a wide variety of eccentrics -- defrocked priests with muscle-men fetishes, falling-down alcoholics, senile old women, and a voyeuristic photographer named George. Cheryl, who indulges her own voyeuristic impulses by sneaking into the rooms of her fellow boarders, is attracted to George and enjoys playing dress-up as he watches her though a peephole, despite Aunt Martha's warnings not to interact with the other guests. But when Cheryl decides to cross the line into physical action with George, she learns his obsessions are more dangerous than she imagined -- and that both he and Aunt Martha have some rather surprising secrets.

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