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Violence in a Women's Prison (1982) de Bruno Mattei - front cover

Violence in a Women's Prison (Caged Women)

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Violence in a Women's Prison (1982)
by Bruno Mattei

88 Movies - 2 August 9, 2022

Original Title : Caged Women / Emanuelle in Hell / Violenza in a feminine carcere
: English, Italian
Subtitles : English
Duration : 1h39
Format : Blu-ray / UK import
Area : B
Genre : Thriller, Action

Planning to expose the corrupt practices of a woman's prison, Emanuelle goes undercover as an inmate. She is shocked by the guard's brutal treatment of the inmates, but she never gets a chance to report these horrors. When her actual identity is revealed, she finds herself on the receiving end of even worse.

Content and Bonuses

Slipcover in original pressing