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Troubles 1966-1968 (1966) de Jean-Denis Bonan - front cover

Troubles 1966-1968

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Troubles 1966-1968 (1966)
by Jean-Denis Bonan

Tamasa Broadcast - October 26, 2021

Original Title :
: Dolby Audio French
Subtitles : Without
Duration : 23'
Size : DVD Digipack / black & white
Area : B

In a world where everything is forbidden except what is obligatory, a man, who works in a strange fast food restaurant, remembers his life. This irreverent prank was totally banned by the censors in 1967.

Yes but 68! Portrait of François Tusques by Jean-Denis Bonan (2018 - 50' - color): In parallel with the rehearsals of his creation Oui mais 68! François Tusques (famous free-jazz pianist) looks back on his musical life and his commitments.