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Trauma (1993)
by Dario Argento

Extralucid Films - December 12 , 2022

Original title :
Audio: DTS-HD MA 2.0: French, English
Subtitles : French
Duration : 109' ( )
Format : 2 Blu-ray + Booklet
COLLECTION EXTRACULTE n°12 - Numbered on the edge of the box
Area : B
Gender : Thriller, Horror

Aura Petruscu, a 16-year-old anorexic girl, escapes from a psychiatric hospital and meets David. She is brought back to her parents, who are beheaded on the evening of the reunion. Helped by David, the young girl will lead the investigation to arrest the assassin, but he continues to kill in a terrible way all the witnesses of a drama which had taken place years earlier and which seems to represent the key to the mystery.

Content and Bonuses

Contains :

  • the Blu-ray of the film in long version (109', VF/VOST) and cinema version (104', VF/VOST)
  • a bonus Blu-ray
  • a booklet (48 pages)

Movie Blu-ray:
New interview with Dario Argento (23')
Analysis of the film by Jean-Baptiste Thoret (41')

Bonus Blu-rays:
Portrait of Tom Savini by David Scherer (24')
A look back at the film with Asia Argento and Yves Montmayeur (18')
Dialogue with Dario Argento at the Cinémathèque Française (69')
Making of (8')
Tour of the sets of Trauma (11')