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Toutes les Couleurs du Bis 14 : 80 classiques du cinéma fantastique muet - front cover

All the Colors of Bis 3 – Nazisploitation

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All the Colors of Bis 3 – Nazisploitation

Release date : May 20, 2023
Publisher : Sin’Art
Language : French
Number of pages : 110 pages

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Tous les Couleurs du Bis 3 invites you to rediscover a genre decried, despised, even by lovers of Bis cinema.

Indeed, the Nazisploitation is considered the ugly duckling of genre cinema.

How dare you make entertainment by recreating concentration camps or putting the Nazis at the forefront of scenarios?

Obviously, it is to the Italians that we owe the pearls of the Nazisploitation, but not only.

Let neophytes in the field be reassured: the films covered in All the colors of bis 3 do not in any way glorify Nazism.

It's just deviant works, most of the time boobs. Their only objective is to shock, they deliver no political message.

It seemed interesting, however, to put side by side these pure B films and the other “serious” films, which denounce the exactions of the Nazis.

In 70 pages, in color and in A5 format, relive the birth of the Nazisploitation and (re)discover also great films which aim at the duty of memory, a duty always necessary in these dark times when it would not take much so that the sinister swastika flag does not reappear...