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Too Beautiful to Die (1988) de Dario Piana - front cover

Too Beautiful to Die

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Too Beautiful to Die (1988)
by Dario Piana

Nucleus Films – May 15, 2022

Original title : Sotto il vestito niente II / They Only Come Out at Night
: English, Italian
Subtitles : Français
Duration : 1h35
Format : Blu-ray 2K / UK import
Area : B
Genre : Thriller, Drama

The models of an agency are invited to a party by the owner of the agency, Alex. During the party, Alex is playing games on his computer and he looks like the girls have the house to themselves, but there's another guest, and an accident happens - a fatal accident. This will start a string of murders - all those that were at that party begin to fall one by one. The police intervene, investigations are made, but the killer is like an elusive shadow.

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