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The Toxic Avenger - Vol 4 Citizen Toxie Occaz

Cannibal urges (Apocalypse domani)

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Cannibal urges (Apocalypse domani) (1980)
by Antonio Margheriti

The Smoking Cat - December 6, 2016

Original title : Domani apocalypse
DVD: French and English in Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles : French
Country : Italy, Spain
Year : 1980
Duration : 92' ( )
Format : DVDs
Area : B
Gender : Gore, Horror, SF

During a raid in Vietnam to free prisoners, Captain Hopper discovers that some of the captives seem to have a strange illness. Back in the United States, one of them escapes from the hospital where he is isolated and begins to attack people by biting them. Hopper understands that this veteran has caught the cannibal virus and that an epidemic is on the way. The infected individuals begin to attack the population, plunging New York into chaos, fear and suffering.

Content and Bonuses
Ursula is me, interview with the director of Enzo Milioni (30mn)
Io Sono Ursula, interview with actress Barbara Magnolfi (23mn)
3 gialli by Philippe Chouvel (Psychovision) (6mn)