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The Necro Files (1997) de Matt Jaissle - front cover

The Necro Files

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The Necro Files (1997)
of Matt Jaissle

Uncut Movies

Original Title :
: English
Subtitles : French, Italian, English, Spanish, German
Duration : 1h38
Format : DVD
Zone : All zones
Genre : Horror

Logan, a manic necrophiliac and cannibal is shot dead by two police officers at the site of his last murder. A few months later, members of a Satanic cult hold a ritual sacrifice at his grave in order to resurrect the murderer's decomposed corpse. Escaping all control, the zombie goes in search of new victims to satisfy its impulses of rape, murder and cannibalism. The two police officers set off again in pursuit but the blood will still flow in waves before being able to put an end to this outburst of violence.

- - -