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The House of Lost Women (1983) de Jesús Franco - front cover

The House of Lost Women

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The House of Lost Women (1983)
by Jesus Franco

Severin Films - December 9, 2021

Original title : The casa de las mujeres perdidas
: Spanish
Subtitles : English
Duration : 90' (1h30)
Format : Blu-ray / US import
Zone : All zones
Genre : Erotic, Drama

Desdemona lives on an isolated island with her strange family: her father Mario, her stepmother Dulcinea and her mentally challenged sister Paulova. As the only inhabitants on the island loneliness and desolation engulf all members of her family. Desdemona tries to ward off her boredom by taking long walks along the beach or engaging in acts of self-gratification. She often tries to seduce her own father Mario to engage in acts of a sexual nature. Their daily routine is interrupted by the arrival (by boat) of a robust male stranger who brings friction into Desdemona's family.

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