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The Cannibal Man (1972) de Eloy de la Iglesia - front cover

The Cannibal Man

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The Cannibal Man (1972)
by Eloy de la Iglesia

Severin Films – August 24, 2021

Original Title : La semana del asesino
: Français
Subtitles : English
Country : USA
Duration : 98 mins (1h38 )
Format : Blu-ray Import US
Area : Area A
Genre : Thriller, Horror, Drama

A young man, working as a butcher, accidentally kills a taxi driver. His girlfriend wants to go to the police so he has to kill her too. He then has to kill his brother, his brother's fiancee and his father, who have become suspicious. He gets rid of the bodies by taking them to the butchery.

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