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The Burning Moon (1992) de Olaf Ittenbach - front cover

The Burning Moon

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The Burning Moon (1992)
of Olaf Ittenbach

Uncut Movies

Original Title :
: German
Subtitles : French, Italian, English, Spanish
Country : Germany
Year : 1992
Duration : 1h38
Format : DVD
Zone : All zones
Genre : Horror

Peter is a young delinquent with serious inclinations towards gratuitous violence and drug addiction. One evening, when his parents ask him to take care of his younger sister while they are away, Peter flies into a rage and gets into a violent fight with his father. Constrained and forced by the paternal authority, he ends up agreeing to keep little Annette but is already preparing a terrible revenge... Indeed, rather than putting the charming child to sleep with fairy tales as an attentive brother would do, he decides to terrorize her by telling her atrocious stories where emaciated zombies, savage murders and sadistic mutilations mingle at an infernal pace, all in a sickening deluge of guts and blood. The horror of the stories will then rub off on reality, plunging the family home into a bloodbath!

- - -