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The Bride With White Hair (1993) de Ronny Yu front cover

The Bride With White Hair

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The Bride With White Hair (1993)
of Ronny Yu

Spectrum Films – February 28, 2020

Audio : Cantonese/ French
Subtitles : French
Country : HK
Year : 19 93
Duration : 1H29
Format : Blu-ray
Genre : Action

Zhuo Yi-Hang is a student of the Wu Tang martial arts school. He is as gifted as he is dissipated. His master would like to see him assume responsibilities within the clan because the Manchurian troops threaten the borders of the Empire. Lien, a young orphan woman who grew up among wolves, works for Ji Wushuang, terrible Siamese twins. Leading the worshipers of the evil Cult Supreme, they have sworn the doom of the Wu Tang. While everything opposes them, Lien and Zhuo Yi-Hang will fall in love...

Content and Bonuses

The film The Bride with White Hair 2 and the movie The White Haired Witch of the Lunar Kingdom by Jacob Cheung, in VOSTF and VF.

Interview and audio commentary with Ronny Yu, Interview with screenwriter Lam Kee To, Interview with Jacky Yeung, assistant choreographer and stunt double for Brigitte Lin, Presentation of the film by Arnaud Lanuque,

A dabbler in genius: Ronny Yu, portrait of the director by Julien Sévéon

A touch of fantasy: the explosion of "fantasy" cinema by Julien Sévéon,

From novel to screen by Brigitte Duzan And trailer.