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The Alien Factor (1978) de Don DOHLER - front cover

The Alien Factor

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The Alien Factor (1978)

Audio: French
Duration: 80 '
Format: DVD
Area: B
Genre: sci-fi

A ship carrying alien specimens bound for an intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth. The creatures escape and the inhabitants of the nearby village do not yet know that they are in terrible danger.

Don DOHLER shot a sequel to his 2001 film, ALIEN FACTOR 2: THE ALIEN RAMPAGE.
It is the third film by George STOVER who began his career under the direction of John WATERS in FEMALE TROUBLE (1974) and DESPERATE LIVING (1977).
He will shoot in nearly 90 films while working for the US government in Maryland.
He is also the creator of the Fanzines BLACK ORACLE and CINEMACABRE published in the 70s and 80s.

Content and Bonuses
THE BRAIN OF PLANET AROUS, a film by Nathan JURAN (1957, 71 minutes, Original Version with French Subtitles).