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Supersonic Man (1979) de Juan Piquer Simón - fornt cover

Supersonic Man

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Supersonic Man (1979)
by Juan Piquer Simon

Artus Films – June 1, 2021

Original Title : Supersonic Man
: French Dolby Digital, Italian Dolby Digital
Subtitles : French
Country : Spain
Year : 19 79
Duration : 75' ( )
Format : DVD
Area : B
Genre : Adventure, Comedy

From the depths of space, the alien Kronos is sent to Earth with the mission of restoring order. He moves to New York and becomes a superhero. He will have a lot to do by facing Doctor Gulk, the leader of a secret organization wanting to dominate the world.

Content and Bonuses
Digipack box
Presentation of the film by Christian Lucas