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Steven avant Spielberg - front cover

Steven before Spielberg

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Steven before Spielberg
by Gilles Penso

Dedication with the author on Saturday November 5 from 3 p.m.!

Release date : November 3, 2022
Publisher : Michael Lafon
Language : French
Number of pages : 320 pages

It is the story of a little boy fascinated by the stars, terrified by sharks, obsessed with television and cinema. A puny boy, reserved, mischievous and endowed with an overflowing imagination. The day he discovers that his father's 8mm camera allows him to transform the world around him, his life changes forever. This boy is called Steven, and if everyone knows his films today, few realize how each of them faithfully reflects what he lived during his childhood. A romantic biography of a resolutely special being, Steven avant Spielberg introduces you to the child before the filmmaker. Chapter after chapter, his early years are revealed, already bearing the seeds of everything that will make him one of the most popular directors of all time.