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Soudain dans la nuit (1981) de Go Yeong-nam - front cover

Suddenly in the night

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Suddenly in the Night (1981)
by Go Yeong Nam

Carlotta Films – September 7, 2022

Original Title :
: DTS HD MA 1.0: Korean
Subtitles : French
Duration : 101' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Genre : Horror

Seon-hee's husband, a biology teacher, has just hired a new maid. This attractive young woman has a tragic past: her mother, a shaman, died in the fire of her house shortly before. The couple and their daughter welcome the orphan into their home, but Seon-hee begins to have second thoughts when she discovers a strange wooden doll the maid brought with her. For several weeks, she has had nightmares and visions of this same doll.

Content and Bonuses
HD Restored Master
Case with sheath

“Possession”: interview with Antoine Coppola, film historian and professor at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, author of the Dictionary of Korean Cinema, New World editions (HD, 28')