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Shéhérazade (1963) de Pierre Gaspard-Huit - front cover


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Scheherazade (1963)
by Pierre Gaspard-Huit

Gaumont - September 20, 2021

Original Title :
Audio: DTS-HD-MA: French
Subtitles: Without
Country : France
Duration : 124' ( )
Format : Blu-Ray
Area : B
Genre : Drama, Adventure

In 809, Charlemagne sent an extraordinary embassy to the Caliph of Baghdad. Along the way, Renaud de Villecroix, at the head of this mission, saves Princess Scheherazade who also goes to the Caliph's court to marry him. From the outset, Renaud and Scheherazade love each other passionately, but they are resigned to fulfilling their respective duties. Fate will decide otherwise and the ambition and schemes of the Grand Vizier will lead them into a series of adventures from which they will emerge united forever.

Content and Bonuses

Image and sound restored
Unpublished presentation of the film by Alain Petit, specialist in European exploitation cinema