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Sexe, mensonges et vidéo (1989) de Steven Soderbergh - front cover

Sex, lies and video

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Sex, Lies and Video (1989)
by Steven Soderbergh

L'Atelier d'Images - February 2022

Original Title: Sex, Lies, and Videotape
: DTSHD-MA 5.1: French, English
Subtitles : French
Duration : 100' ()
Format : Blu-ray Collector's Edition
Area : B
Genre : Drama

Graham Dalton has a strange secret: he collects videotapes of testimonials from women who confide their sex life to him. Returning to his hometown after a long absence, he reunites with an old friend who has "succeeded" and his wife. Graham's arrival will disturb the couple and events will take an unexpected turn.

Content and Bonuses
New Masters
Blu-ray case with sheath
      Exclusive extras:
      • “A wind of freedom” presentation of the film by Philippe Rouyer, journalist at Positif and President of the French Union of Film Critics (2021, 24'08”)
      • Sequence analysis by Philippe Rouyer (2021, 13”19)
      Unpublished supplements (Criterion, 2018, VOST):
      • “About the Movie” by Steven Soderbergh (6'01”)
      • Behind the scenes with Andie MacDowel, Peter Gallagher and Laura San Giacomo (27'44”)
      • Interview between sound engineer Larry Blake and composer Cliff Martinez (18'50”)
      Additional supplements (VOST):
      • Audio commentary by Steven Soderbergh and Neil Labute (VOST)
      • 20 years of the film at the Sundance Festival (2009, 3'27”)
      • Deleted scene with optional audio commentary by Steven Soderbergh (3'27”)
      • “About the Movie” by Steven Soderbergh (1990, 8'12”)
      • Trailers of the film (1'34” + 1'36”, VOST) with presentation by Steven Soderbergh (1'30”, VOST)
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