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by Talion

Publisher : Collection Karnage (October 8, 2020)
Language : French
Number of pages : 166 pages

Jean Streff is an essayist, novelist, screenwriter, director. His literary work is

Novel / paperback

WARNING: very explicit content. Reserved for an adult and informed public.

"Oh, you can scream all you want, no one can hear you.

Yes, little bastard, you had to think about it before: you should have worked when it was time. You had to listen to your teachers, obey! And above all, work on your grammar.

The hour of punishment has come."


The Karnage collection was born in 2020 from the association of Zone 52 Éditions and Malpermesita Bookstore.

We offer short horror, gore and sometimes pornographic stories, in the great tradition of 80s station novels.

Your assumed outrageousness, humor black as night, explicit violence, lexical crudeness, the literary extremism of the works in the Karnage Collection is aimed at an informed and consenting public.

At the rate of a publication every three months or so (we say approximately, because it depends on when the authors and we are 100% satisfied with their vile packages), each publication is printed in a limited number of copies and will not be removed.

So hold on to your chair and check that your door is double-locked... the Karnage will be able to begin!