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Samurai : Une page de l'histoire de l'Argentine (2012) de Gaspar Scheuer - front cover

Samurai: A page in the history of Argentina

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Samurai: A Page in the History of Argentina (2012)
by Gaspar Scheuer

Metaluna Productions

Original Title :
Audio: Dolby Audio - DD 2.0: Japanese, Spanish
Subtitles : French
Duration : 25' ( )
Format : DVD
Area : B
Genre : Drama

1879, the young Takeo and his family fled the Japanese imperial regime to become peasants in Argentina. However, the grandfather only thinks of one thing: to find Saigo Takamori, the last great samurai, who has taken refuge in the mountains, preparing the rebellion to restore order in the Land of the Rising Sun. Takeo agrees to go looking for him and then begins a long initiatory journey in a hostile country with traditions completely different from his own.

Content and Bonuses
Shooting diary
Katana training
Preparatory drawings