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Romulus und Remus (Romulus et Remus) (1961) de Sergio Corbucci - front cover

Romulus und Remus (Romulus and Remus)

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Romulus und Remus (Romulus and Remus) (1961)
by Sergio Corbucci

Explosive Media – March 11, 2021

Original Title : Romulus and Remus
: English
Subtitles : English
Country : Germany
Year : 19 61
Duration :
Format : 2K Blu-ray
Area : B
Genre : Historical, Drama, Adventure, Peplum
Actors : Steve Reeves, Gordon Scott, Virna Lisi, Laura Solari, Piero Lulli, Jose Greci

The twin brothers revolt against tyranny in pre-Roman Italy, then part ways as they lead their people towards the founding of a new city.

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