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Robot Ninja (1989) de J. R. Bookwalter - front cover

Robot Ninja

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Robot Ninja (1989)
of JR Bookwalter

Uncut Movies

Original Title :
: English, Italian
Subtitles : French, Italian, English, Spanish
Country : USA
Year : 1989
Duration : 1h15
Format : DVD
Zone : all zones
Genre : Horror

Leonard Miller is a talented young designer whose favorite character "Robot Ninja" is a huge commercial success. One night, Leonard witnesses the rape and then the brutal murder of a young couple by a group of ruthless thugs. Deeply shocked by this tragic incident, the young man then decides to give life to his mythical character, the Robot Ninja, in order to cleanse the city of all the criminals and murderers who reign there. Dressed in the costume of his superhero and equipped with fearsome weapons able to draw blood, he wanders like an executioner in the most sordid streets of the city in search of his victims. His violence and his cruelty will eventually make him also plunge into the dark side of the force.

- - -