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Repeat Performance (1947) de Alfred L. Werker - front cover

Repeat Performance

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Repeat Performance (1947)
by Alfred L. Werker

Flicker Alley – February 12, 2022

Original Title :
: Français
Subtitles : English SDH
Duration : 93 mins (1h33 )
Format : Blu Ray / US import
Zone : All zones
Genre : Crime, Fantasy, Drama

Sheila kills her husband at the start of the film with a smoking gun. We don't know how or why. All we know is men are banging on her door and she escapes. Great dialogue as she makes her way to a New Years celebration with Richard Basehart as the poet William William. As she goes up the stairs to John Friday's apartment (her producer) she wishes she could relive the year and undo what she has done. William William, in an offhand remark, states he wishes he was the one who shot Barney, her erstwhile husband. Great film as we see that Destiny is not too happy with making changes to her plans. Film is suspenseful, at times corny.

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