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Photo Souvenir (1980) de Edmond Séchan - front cover

Photo Souvenir

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Souvenir Picture (1980)
of Edmond Sechan

The Eye of the Witness TV - October 18, 2022

Original Title :
Audio : Stereo Dolby 2.0 French
Subtitles: Without
Duration : 1h20
Format : DVD Digipack
Area : B


Professor Quissard (Jean-Claude Carrière), a heart transplant specialist, is waiting for the heart of a car accident victim to transplant it to his best friend (Vania Vilers). Meanwhile, chance puts in his hands a state-of-the-art instant camera. On the occasion of a banal family photo shoot, Quissard discovers amazed that this device wants to communicate important information to him. The discovery of this object animated by a life of its own completely upsets the existence of the scientist.

Content and Bonuses
- "Monday" by Edmond Séchan (1980 - 1h20) - Script Jean-Claude Carrière, with Bernard Le Coq, Françoise Dorner, Pierre Etaix.
One Monday in Pigalle, a man wakes up on a park bench. Amnesic, the man begins to investigate himself, this stranger who everything indicates comes from a relatively well-to-do background. During this particular day, he is helped by a charming stripper (Françoise Dorner) who accompanies him in his quest... What if oblivion allowed him to break with everyday life and its social conventions?
- "Unusual daily life", presentation by Gabriela Trujillo (2022 - 34')
- Interview with Jean-Claude Carrière (2017 - 20')