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Ozone (1993) de J.R. Bookwalter - front cover


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Ozone (1993)
of JR Bookwalter

Uncut Movies

Original Title :
: English
Subtitles : French, Italian, English, Spanish
Country : USA
Year : 1993
Duration : 1h21
Format : DVD
Zone : All zones
Genre : Horror

A new drug called Ozone is circulating among junkies in a major American city. Its addiction is immediate and the side effects devastating. Indeed, users undergo monstrous mutations of their flesh and then become as violent as they are uncontrollable. Scenes of murderous madness are happening all over the city's slums and nothing seems to be able to put an end to this unleashing of violence. A policeman, Eddie Boone, will find himself involved despite himself in this sinister affair when a drug trafficker he is trying to intercept injects him with a dose of Ozone to try to prevent his arrest. Eddie will then have to fight against time to avoid his mutation into a murderous creature and will have to face a horde of zombies and bloodthirsty monsters chasing him to prevent him from discovering the secret of this mysterious drug.

- - -