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Outside (1953) de Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin, Ray Ashley front cover

Outside Morris Engel & Ruth Orkin - The Complete

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Outside (1953)
by Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin, Ray Ashley

Carlotta Films – March 10, 2021

Original Title : Outside
: English DTS HD MA 1.0, French DTS HD MA 1.0
Subtitles : French
Country : USA
Year : 19 53
Duration : 321' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Area : B
Genre : Drama

Contains :
- The Little Fugitive (1953)
Brooklyn in the fifties. Lennie's mother entrusts her with the care of her little brother Joey because she has to go to the sick grandmother's bedside. Lennie had planned to spend the weekend with his friends. Irritated at having to take his little brother everywhere with him, he decides to play a trick on him by simulating a rifle accident on a vacant lot. Convinced of having caused the death of his brother, Joey flees to Coney Island, a huge New York beach dedicated to rides and amusement. He will spend a day and a night of wandering in the middle of the crowd and fairground attractions...

- Weddings and Babies (1958)
In the Little Italy district of New York, Bea, of Swedish origin, aspires to start a family with Al, a photographer specializing in weddings and births. But the latter does not seem ready to take the plunge. The sudden appearance of the latter's elderly mother, evicted from her accommodation, only makes the situation worse...

- Lovers and Lollipops (1956)
Seven-year-old Peggy lives alone in New York with her widowed mother Ann. When the latter starts dating a long-time friend, the little girl feels it as a threat to her ties with her mother. Peggy then works to prevent the relationship between the two adults from developing...

- I Need a Ride to California (1968)
Late 1960s, Greenwich Village. Lilly is a young Californian who came to New York to experience the full force of the hippie revolution. She explores the streets of the metropolis, camera in hand, a wreath in her hair. But Lilly will quickly realize that the city and the people she meets are not as friendly as she would like...

Content and Bonuses
New HD, 2K and 4K restorations
Contains :
The Little Fugitive:
“The Missing Link”: introduction by Alain Bergala, director and teacher at La fémis (11')
Short film: "The Dog Lover" by Morris Engel (1962, HD, B&W, 24')
"Morris Engel, the independent", documentary by Mary Engel ("Morris Engel: The Independent", 2008, 29')
Home movies directed by Morris Engel (HD, 11')
Vintage Trailer
Trailer 2009

Lovers and Lollipops / Wedding and Babies:
Short film: "One Chase Manhattan Plaza" by Morris Engel (1961, HD, B&W, 10')
"Ruth Orkin, images of life", documentary by Mary Engel ("Ruth Orkin: Frames of Life", 1995, 18')
“Still Life”: interview with Ruth Orkin on the New York show “Still Life” (HD, 4')

I Need a Ride to California:
2 short films by Morris Engel (HD):
  • “Peace Is” (1968, color, 11')
  • "The Farm They Won" (1951, B&W, 10')
3 commercials directed by Morris Engel (HD):
  • "Oreo" (1')
  • "Ivory" (1')
  • “FAB” (1')