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Okult (2023) - front cover

The infamous Sadique-master festival short films - Vol.2

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The infamous Sadique-master festival short films - Vol.2

Sadique-Master.com - April 2023

Original title :
: VO
Subtitles : English, French
Duration :
Format : DVD
Area : B
Genre : Short Film, Horror

Second volume of the "infamous short films", this new compilation brings together a best-of of the best short films between the last (between the 6th and 7th) editions of the Sadique-master festival as well as the few official virtual broadcasts.

What is it about ?

Spinach forcibly ingested, women who torture for pleasure, people who eat way too much, occult rites with lustful demons, sordid tourists doing karaoke, Dante's inferno with a hint of sadism in more, crazy bodybuilders, and white rabbits to follow.

Content and Bonuses

She's late (2016) (Horror/Extreme/Erotic) (Gyula Noesis) (France/Hungary/Italy) (26 minutes) (-18) (silent)
Synopsis: A distinguished young woman crosses the city alone in the middle of the night in order to honor her appointment with a chilled suitor. But she will be very unfortunately delayed by a lurking oddball with troubled motivations who, after having removed her, will subject her to a series of extravagant and degrading abuses, without the slightest regard for her social status and inherent coquetry.
Five course meal (2019) (Horror/Gore) (James Cadden) (Canada) (6 minutes) (-16) (French Exclusive) Synopsis: As Mark and Jenny agree to participate in a mysterious experiment for money, things become exceptionally disordered.
Innocent Boy (2019) (Brock Cravy) (USA) (12min) (-16) (French Exclusive) Synopsis: On a ruthless highway, a group of hustlers, led by a cruel woman, prey on lonely desperados who have come for sex , Drugs and Mommas Special Milk. Penny is a young transsexual boy who runs one of the only businesses in town with his brother. While the latter intimidates and mistreats him, things change when a cowboy arrives in the area and disturbs the local inhabitants.
Mixtape 3: Game Over (2019) (Mathieu Morel) (France) (8 minutes) (-16) Synopsis: "Press A to start. Follow the white rabbit: ancestral tonsil removal technique and classification commission for cinematographic works."
karaoke night (2019) (Francisco Lacerda) (Portugal) (8 minutes) (16) Synopsis: Two sleazy tourists spend the night of their lives in a bar after meeting an attractive young woman.
Edge to absolute (I absolve you) (2019) (Diego Mezarina) (Peru) (17 minutes) (-18) (French Exclusive) Synopsis: A sinful soul at the mercy of its executioners. Hell as such, in its purest and most exquisite essence.
“Ego Te Absolvo” is inspired by Dante's poem “The Divine Comedy” and essentially focuses on the conception of hell and the purging of sins through absolution by sadism. Or when the poetic meets the extreme brutality of Latin American underground cinema.
Intocable (2018), Diego Mezarina, Peru, 12 minutes.
A serial killer with hidden motivations will give free rein to her innate violence, knowing that she is untouchable before the laws of god and men.