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Ogroff (1983) de Norbert Moutier - front cover


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Ogroff (1983)
by Norbert Moutier

Artus Films – December 4, 2012

Original title :
Audio: French Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: France
Year: 1983
Duration : 87' ( )
Format: 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD
Area: B
Genre: Horror, Gore

For Ogroff, the mad woodcutter, the war is not over yet. Trepanned and having suffered the ablation of an eye during the war, Ogroff, the mad woodcutter, continues the fight and savagely massacres all those who enter his forest.

Content and Bonus Contains:Contains:Contains:
“Ogroff, the crazy lumberjack”, interview with Norbert Moutier (20')
"Ogroff, 30 years later" - Exclusive interviews with the film's zombies (59')
New opening scene
Photo slideshow