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Nus Sur La Lune (1961) de Raymond PHELAN - Doris WISHMAN - front cover

Nudes On The Moon

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Nudes on the Moon (1961)
of Raymond PHELAN - Doris WISHMAN

Audio: English
Subtitles: French
Duration: 70 '
Format: DVD
Area: B
Genre: sci-fi

An ambitious young scientist inherits a large sum of money. He then decides to finance his crazy project to go to the Moon. What will be his reaction when he discovers that the star is populated by naked women?

Doris WISHMAN was one of the most active female directors in the world during the 60s and 70s with the shooting of nearly 30 films!

She began her career by making nudies, taking advantage of the 1957 decree of the New York Court of Appeal authorizing nudism in films: HIDEOUT IN THE SUN (1960), NUDE ON THE MOON (1961) or BLAZE STARR GOES NUDIST (1962) with legendary burlesque star Blaze STARR.

The nudies losing interest with the public, Doris WISHMAN moved on to directing sexploitation films with, among others, BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL (1965), DEADLY WEAPONS (1974), SUPERNICHONS AGAINST MAFIA (DOUBLE AGENT 73, 1974)

Content and Bonuses
Film Announcement: NUDE ON THE MOON.
THE BOOB TUBE, a film by Christopher ODIN (1975, 77 Minutes, Original Version with French Subtitles).