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Notre-Dame brûle 4K (2022) de Jean-Jacques Annaud - front cover

Notre Dame is burning 4K

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Notre Dame is burning 4K (2022)
by Jean-Jacques Annaud

Pathé - July 20, 2022

Original Title :
: DTS_HD MA 5.1: French
Subtitles :
Duration : 110' ( )
Format : 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray - Limited Edition
Area : B
Genre : Drama, Disaster, Historical

Jean-Jacques Annaud's feature film reconstructs hour by hour the incredible reality of the events of April 15, 2019 when the cathedral suffered the most significant disaster in its history. And how women and men will put their lives at risk in an incredible and heroic rescue.

Content and Bonuses
Limited edition
Case with sheath
Contains :
  • the 4K Ultra HD of the film (HDR10)
  • the Blu-ray of the movie

Audio Commentary
Interview with Jean-Jacques Annaud
Making-of module
Archives on Notre Dame