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Ninja Condor 13 + Les Doigts du Ninja (1987) de Wu Kuo JEN - front cover

Ninja Condor 13 + Fingers of the Ninja

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Ninja Condor 13 + Fingers of the Ninja (1987)
of Wu Kuo JEN

Audio: French
Length: 91 '
Format: DVD
Area: B
Genre: Action, Kung Fu

Two mutilated brothers, an indestructible force. Revenge at all costs.
Two men who excel in the art of Kung Fu are betrayed by their master who makes them disabled for life.
One is deprived of his legs and the other of his arms.

They will then learn to combine their forces in order to take revenge on their diabolical master.

Alexander LO is a former Taekwondo champion when he starts in the cinema.
He played in around forty ninja films before ending his acting career to devote himself to fight choreography, always for the cinema.
Eugene THOMAS an African-American actor, tries his luck in Taiwan and Hong Kong in the 80s and thus turns in a dozen films.
He often plays alongside Alexander LO, sometimes partner, sometimes enemy.

Content and Bonuses
FINGERS OF THE NINJA, a film by Chung Kuo HENG (1978, 85 minutes,
French version).