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Mel Gibson. Le bon, la brute et le croyant de David Da Silva - front cover

Mel Gibson. The good, the bad and the believer

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Mel Gibson. The good, the bad and the believer
by David DaSilva

Publisher : Editions Lett Motif (October 2018)
Language : French
Number of pages : 220 pages

Mel Gibson went from being a superstar in the 1990s to being a plague in Hollywood after the controversial The passion of Christ and his many personal setbacks. Audiences have also often turned their backs on him, even though he was one of the audience's favorite actors after hits like the movies. The lethal Weapon Or Signs . From now on, citing his name immediately arouses debate, some seeing in him an exciting tormented artist while for others he is a dangerous anti-Semite. But, in the end, who is really Mel Gibson? Why did his career almost stop after his film on the Calvary of Jesus Christ? The personal journey of Mel Gibson is incredible, because this devout Catholic has imitated, in a certain way, the Christic journey (success, Passion, resurrection). We will therefore, in this book, analyze his very famous filmography as an actor before dwelling more extensively on his feature films as a filmmaker. All this makes it possible to show the great coherence, thematic and aesthetic, of his work, of madmax (1979) at You will not kill (2016).

A doctor of film studies and a graduate of the French Press Institute in Paris, David Da Silva is a film historian and teacher. He is the author of several books on American cinema: American Populism in Cinema from DW Griffith to Clint Eastwood (LettMotif, 2015), Sylvester Stallone, hero of the working class (LettMotif, 2016), Boxing in Hollywood from Chaplin to Scorsese (LettMotif, 2017) and Trump and Hollywood. Book 1: Rise to Power (LettMotif, 2017). He has also collaborated with various international publications.